Moche / Pre-Columbian / Preservation

Rehousing the Moche Archive

The processing of the Christopher B. Donnan and Donna McClelland Moche Archive has been a multi-faceted project progressing through many stages. An initial assessment was done in the spring of 2013 by Lisa Trever, former Tyler Fellow in Pre-Columbian Studies; the archival processing and creation of a comprehensive finding aid was completed in the fall of 2014 by Ameena Mohammad, former Pre-Columbian Archives Assistant. While much of the intellectual framework and organization of the materials has been established, the physical diversity of the collection materials, including drawings, photographs in various sizes, slides, negatives, and contact sheets, has required various forms of archival rehousing efforts.

Photographs have been properly sleeved, and sheets of slides have been placed in protective 3-ring binder boxes. Photographic negatives have also been properly sleeved, labeled, and boxed, and they are now ready to be added to ICFA’s cold storage for long-term preservation. Rehousing the negatives has been a large feat, a task that began in August of last year. ICFA assistants Jessica Cebra and Molly Marcusse joined the effort to re-sleeve a total of 13,004 35 mm negative strips housed in 2,218 protective sheets. Previously, many of the negative strips were either ill-fit within their existing sleeves or were sandwiched together in one sleeve. Now each individual negative strip is properly protected, inventoried, and accounted for.



ICFA staff Jessica Cebra, Ameena Mohammad, and Molly Marcusse, rehousing the Moche Archive negatives and recording data about them, 2014-2015.


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