Cold Storage / Preservation


ICFA’s new freezers for cold storage arrive from Sears!

Freezer No. 1

On Wednesday, we said goodbye to two of our cold storage freezers and welcomed two brand new ones. The old, outdated freezers (from 1991!) were no longer ideal for the long-term preservation of our photographic negatives, and were temporarily functioning as a quarantine space for negatives that are facing acetate decay and smell of vinegar.

It was a lovely and exciting day for a delivery, but we were all concerned how these freezers would make it down the cobblestone hill to the library building. Thankfully, it soon became obvious that we were dealing with two professional movers who knew how to maneuver heavy loads with simple hand trucks and lifting belts.

Entering the gates of Dumbarton Oaks and rolling down the cobblestone hill…

Now, with these two new freezers in place, the physical reorganization of the cold storage collection will commence! A big thank you to the delivery men from Sears, and to the facilities staff at Dumbarton Oaks for allowing this switch to go so swiftly, smoothly, and safely.

One last look…

Operation success!

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