Assessment / Dumbarton Oaks Fellows / Hagia Sophia / Robert Van Nice

And…there’s more!

Just when I thought I was close to the finish line….this happened:

Yep, these are new Van Nice records, acquired from a colleague and friend of Van Nice’s, George Majeska, who inherited some of Van Nice’s materials after his death. Majeska kindly offered them to us, and of course we accepted!

Among the treasures are these awesome, but unidentified, panorama shots of Istanbul.

This is a great example of how things often work in archives. I think archives and archival collections can feel very static and inflexible, but my experience has been just the opposite. New insights, and sometimes entirely new materials, are often being brought into the picture, and our finding aids are constantly being tweaked, updated, and re-vamped. Some collections are “created” and stay that way, but many also “evolve.” My colleagues working on the Byzantine Institute Collection, for example, have had to deal with many last-minute additions after finding materials tucked into back corners, misfiled into other collections, and so on.  Sometimes it feels like a never-ending process!

For now I’ll just be adding this to the end of the collection arrangement, as a separate addendum.  Later, someone may end up incorporating them into the collection.


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