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Finishing Up and More Discoveries

I’m getting ready to wrap things up here with the Van Nice project. My year-long internship at ICFA will be ending in a few weeks, and I’m trying to tie up as many loose ends as I can before I leave.

Here’s where things currently stand: all of the materials have been re-organized, but not re-housed into new boxes and folders.  The finding aid is coming together, but the historical note, index terms, and references still needed to be added to and edited. I hope to mostly finish the finding aid before I leave, leaving only the relatively straightforward job of re-housing for a lucky future intern!

Picking up on last week’s theme of discovery in the archives: while getting a handle on the vast amount of material that ICFA stores on CD’s, our Metadata and Cataloging Specialist, Anne-Marie, recently came across a large group of Van Nice slides that we hadn’t seen before. Some of them are quite nice!

I’m off to wrangle those loose ends! Keep watching this space for a final update, more information about the future of this blog, and other ways to keep up with ICFA’s many projects.

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