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Like Father, Like Son

I saved the best find from the folder of architectural sketches for its own post.  At the very back of the folder, on a crumbling old piece of paper, was a charming drawing of Hagia Sophia.  It wasn’t like the thousands of other drawings of Hagia Sophia in this collection, though.  It was in crayon, and, well, slightly cruder than the rest.

Then I noticed the artist’s signature on the top right: “Robert,” and an identification at the bottom carefully penciled in by Van Nice: “ST. SOPHIA April 28, 1948.”  I realized it must have been the work of his son, Robert Jr., with whom we’ve been lucky enough to be in contact with during the course of this project.  He confirmed his role as the artist, and generously allowed us to publish it.

We think it’s pretty adorable.

2 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Son

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