Assistants / Robert College / Robert Van Nice

New Friends

Recently, the ICFA team was lucky enough to host two of Van Nice’s former assistants at Dumbarton Oaks.  Evgeni and Mahmut were both assistants to Robert Van Nice at Hagia Sophia during the 1950s, as well as classmates at Robert College.  Another classmate of theirs, Yavuz, generously sent us scans from their Robert College yearbook recently. Here are Evgeni and Mahmut’s pictures:

They were every bit as charming as they look!

They were also kind enough to answer our long list of questions about the work they did for Van Nice.  Both of them reaffirmed our conviction that the collection is a uniquely valuable one that needs to be better documented and studied.  We hope that by continuing to put bits of the collection online and to publish a finding aid soon, that scholars will become more aware of the collection and its treasures.

Mahmut remembered swimming in the pool at Dumbarton Oaks almost daily during the summers, so we brought him back to see it again and took some pictures.

Looking out over the pool.

We had a wonderful time with these two new friends, and learned so much from them.  Thank you to Evgeni and Mahmut for your time and interest!


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