Assessment / Robert Van Nice

Thoughts on Organization

Today’s boxes were very similar to the last batch, covering the early-mid 1970’s.  Again, they contained budget reports, correspondence with researchers, students, and colleagues interested in his work and eager for his opinion, time, or help, and so on.

Rona, Shalimar, and I met again to discuss an organizational scheme based on what we’ve seen so far.  Again we concluded that a roughly chronological organization will work well for the administrative files since they are relatively few, and a little bit chaotic (reflecting the nature of the project during those years in important ways).  We also decided, for now, that all of the files labled “H.S. [year]” and “ST. SOPHIA [year]” will be moved to the correspondence section, since they content is mainly general correspondence and not administrative like the budgets, time sheets, expense reports, and so on that dominated the earlier boxes.  So, without the last few boxes of “H.S.”/”ST. SOPHIA” folders, that only leaves about three or four full boxes of administrative material, plus the Director’s files and the Emerson files.  Again, the small amount of administrative material seems to support our leaving it alone for the most part.

After today I will look at the last box or two in this set and then move on to the next set of boxes, which Shalimar has identified as containing mostly general correspondence.

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